High Temperature and Humidity Transmitter up to 200 °C (392 °F) Integrated ±2%RH Humidity and Temperature Sensor for Industrial Process Monitoring and Control

High Temperature and Humidity Transmitter up to 200 °C (392 °F) Integrated ±2%RH Humidity and Temperature Sensor for Industrial Process Monitoring and Control

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    hengko advantageThe HT400 relative humidity meter is optimized for the best reliability in industrial applications from -40 °C (-40 °F) up to 200 °C (92 °F).In addition to highly accurate measurement of the relative humidity (RH) and temperature (T), the device calculates all other humidity-related parameters.


    This temperature and humidity transmitter is specialized in strict industrial applications with HENGKO RHT series humidity measuring element. It has the advantage of accurately measuring, adapts to a wide temperature range, excellent chemical pollution resistance, steady working, and long service time, etc. 2-pin temperature and humidity 4-20mA current signal output.


    Max temperature resistance: 200℃
    The chip of the HT400 series temperature and humidity meter has excellent temperature resistance and can work under 200 ℃ for a long time. The special handling of the humidity sensor surface can make sensor keeping working in the chemical contamination. HT400 temperature humidity transmitter is the best choice in the high-temperature harsh environment.
    HENGKO- Industrial temperature and humidity transmitter-DSC_2285
    Humidity range 0~100%RH
    Temperature range -40~200℃
    Humidity accuracy ±2%RH
    Temperature accuracy ±0.3℃
    Response time ≤15s
    Output 4-20mA current signal /RS485 interface
    Supply voltage  24V DC


    Industrial process testing and control

    Food and Medicine

    Industrial dryers and humidifiers

    Meteorology and environment box

    Clean room



    Refine on details
    Reflect brand strength
    Professional technology team
    24/7/365 expert support and solution

    temperature humidity meter

    Cast aluminum shell
       Good corrosion resistance
       IP67 Waterproof

    Connect method
       Split-type design/
       Easy to install
       ①Flange duct
       ②Threaded pipe

    humidity probe threads
    Temperature and humidity product wiring diagram

    Output signal

    Stainless steel/
       Metal enclouse   

    Resist various environments such as high temperature and humidity, chemical  thermoelectric workshop, etc.

    humidity transmitter probes

    Technical Data


    Humidity measuring
    HT400 serious

    Humidity range

    Humidity acuracy@25℃


    Long-term steady(Humidity)

    Response time-humidity

    (tau 63%)


    ±2%RH(20% RH…80% RH)




    relative humidity sensor
    Temperature measuring
    HT400 serious humidity sensor

    Temperature range



    Long-term steady(Temperature)

    Response time-Temperature

    (tau 63%)


    ±0.2℃ @25℃




    Power supply/connect
    HT400 serious humidity sensor

    Supply voltage

    Current consumption

    Electrical connection

    24V DC±10%

    Max 45mA


    HT400 serious humidity sensor

    Parameter calculation

    Analog output

    Digital interface


    Housing material

    Displayer working temperature

    Install method

    Max cable length


    T, RH, dew point, mixture ratio & absolute humidity for choose









    HENGKO humidity transmitter

    Which HT400 humidity temperature transmitter is right for you?
    HT400-F hgih temeprature and humidity sensor
    > HT400-F
    HT400-Y humidity temperature transmitter
    > HT400-Y

    Note: The high temperature humidity sensor transmitter will cost about 1 minute to update its working status to ensure stable value measurement.

    When Should Select High Temp? Temperature and Humidity Sensor

    Common type temperature and humidity sensors usually have a max temperature of 80 Deg.C.(this is our product standard), and when the temperature is over 80℃. for long-term,e.g. 90℃ or over 100℃ or higher temperature. Under such conditions, it is better to select high temp. temperature humidity transmitter.

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