Internet of Things (IoT) solution greenhouse temperature and humidity sensor for orchid greenhouse

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    Orchids need certain temperature and humidity conditions to grow and bloom, and their flowering time may not be exactly in line with market demand, so the price collapses when there is overproduction. In the past, most environmental control systems in orchid greenhouses could not be monitored and controlled because they were not connected to the cloud. By installing IoT control peripheral devices and software, we can ensure optimal planting conditions and better control thus minimize overproduction.


    temperature and humidity monitoring system to improve productivity and avoid loss of plants in case of diseases resulting from an incorrect mixture of temperature and humidity in greenhouses. Greenhouses require proper environmental conditions. Therefore, temperature and humidity monitoring and control are essential for the optimal growth of crops and preventing diseases. The greenhouse temperature monitoring system allows tracking the temperature and humidity levels in greenhouses. The system is monitoring environmental conditions 24/7 and sending alerts in case the set temperature and humidity conditions fall out of optimal ranges.You can track the history of ecological parameters changes online. 




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