Handheld best humidity meter for store rooms, buildings

Handheld best humidity meter for store rooms, buildings

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  • Brand: HENGKO
  • ✔: Measures air temperature / RH
  • ✔: Calculates dew point / wet bulb temperature
  • ✔: Displays min/max values, hold function, power off mode
  • ✔: Integrated long-life humidity sensor for long lasting quality
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    hengko advantageHygrometer series HG981 / HG972 portable handheld humidity meter for measuring temperature and humidity results from HENGKO's twenty years of experience in temperature and humidity products.
    The product is the result of three decades of experience. Please follow the instructions below when using the product to ensure long-term stability and reliable measurement results.


    HENGKO HG981 / HG972 multifunction digital temperature and humidity meter. It is an industrial, high-precision, and relative humidity measuring instrument. The data logger is powered by a 9V battery and has an external high-precision probe. It has the advantage of measuring humidity, temperature, dew point, and wet bulb temperature. This product is ideal for temperature and humidity measurement in laboratories, industry, and engineering.


    Steady and accurate reading
    Large LED display
    low power consumption
    It can store 99 pieces of data

    Handheld temperature and relative humidity data recorder meter sensors in fruit and vegetable warehouses glasshouses

    Before use, a 9V battery, 6LR61 9V, or a rechargeable battery should be installed in the back of the device. You can also use leak-proof and high-capacity batteries such as alkaline cells.
    Leaky and high-capacity batteries, such as alkaline cells, can cause damage to the device.

    Note: The equipment (humidity meter) and probes must be under stable temperature and humidity conditions to give a reliable and stable value.

    For example, at 50% RH, 23°C, a temperature difference of 1°C will produce an error of approximately 3% RH.

    The equipment does not have to be turned on during the acclimation period of up to about 30 minutes.


    The length of the acclimation period of the device depends on several factors:

    -After the start of the measurement, a large deviation of the temperature and humidity values between the probe and the medium.

    -Changes in measurements during the stabilization period

    -When performing humidity measurements, the device can show better environmental adaptation, provide values more quickly than temperature measurements, and is more sensitive.

    And more sensitive. The value after the decimal point only shows the trend of the data, and when the displayed value reaches an average, the adjustment is complete.


    For paper pallets, straw pallets, and other such applications

    Model HK-J8A102 handheld humidity meter is designed for measuring paper stacks, straw stacks, and other such applications. It is best suited for measuring the smallest possible heat content between the probe and the paper stack by placing the probe into the paper stack. The paper layer above the measured position has to be lifted slightly. The friction between the sword-shaped probe and the paper layer should be avoided as much as possible since it generates heat and prolongs the measurement time.

    For the same reason, friction should also be avoided when pulling out the probe to be inserted into another paper stack for measurement.
    It is advisable to pause for about 30 seconds during the measurement process. Then use the probe to measure a new sheet of paper. This will speed up the measurement since the water quality needs to be supplied to the probe quickly. Avoid touching the probe. (to avoid temperature effects).


    For powders, granules, cereals, large bales, etc., application.

    HK-J8A102 handheld hygrometer humidity and temperature meter is equipped with a (sintered sensor housing)dust filter (which can be easily removed for cleaning by twisting off the probe mounting end). It can be used for large amounts of non-sticky material without clogging the filter and affecting the measurement.

    Measurement of residual humidity on walls and concrete floors is possible (= equilibrium humidity %rh). The sintered probe end must be fully inserted into the substance. Temperature and humidity are measured when the temperature is constant.

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    Instructure of button for handheld temperature and humidity meter




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