Wireless Portable USB Temperature and Humidity Data Logger Wholesale

Wireless Portable USB Temperature and Humidity Data Logger Wholesale

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    hengko advantageHigh precision reusable 1S collection time settable temperature and humidity data logger

    To help monitor and maintain the ideal growing conditions for your plants, flowers, or vegetables inside your greenhouse, you will need a reliable and accurate temperature an humidity data logger.

    HENGKO remote greenhouse temperature and humidity data logger adopting high precision sensor is our top recommendation to monitor temperature and humidity. It can automatically record and save data according to your setting intervals. Its intelligent data analysis and manager software provide a long time and professional temperature and humidity measuring, recording, alarming, and analyzing.


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    Wireless portable (USB) remote greenhouse high temperature and relative humidity monitoring data logger

    Temperature and humidity IOT-USB temperature and humidity recorder 7

    USB Temperature and humidity data logger


    Humidity range

    Temperature range

    Storage capacity




    32000 data




    32000 data




    65000 data


    0-100%RH(High precision)


    65000 data

    PDF Temperature and humidity data logger




    16000 data




    16000 data

    Designed for fresh produce, and food logistics with LCD display, temperature, and humidity function, customers can configure their desired time zone and temperature and humidity alarm range to meet the temperature and humidity range of different fruits and vegetables through the configuration software. The logger is very easy to use: turn it on with one click, put it into the container or fruit and vegetable box, and after the trip is recorded, connect it to a computer to automatically generate PDF and CSV temperature and humidity reports. No software is required and it is compatible with various computer operating systems, which significantly saves manual training time and costs.

    Especially worth mentioning is that this recorder adopts the Swiss SENSIRION temperature and humidity sensor, which is more accurate in measurement results and faster in response, making it very suitable for all kinds of fresh products that are sensitive to temperature and humidity.


    USB temperature and humidity logger

    Operation Instruction
    USB Temperature and humidity recorder -DSC 7851

    01. TEMP/RH Button: Press for 3 seconds

    Power on if the data logger is off.
    Start recording if you select start mode “By Button”.

    02. Set parameters on the Smart Logger

    Set the recording interval, blinking interval, and number of records.

    03. Start it by long pressing TEMP/RH button

    Place data logger in the environment where you are needed.


    humidity recorder

    USB interface to read the data

    Without any extra connector, plug the data logger into the computer USB connector, the report can be exported directly.

    Direct read PDF report

    Without any software, connect the data logger and computer, the report of temperature and humidity measuring data will automatically generate.

    Choose the sensors to monitor the environment in your greenhouse remotely.

    Gain peace of mind knowing that you’re monitoring operations 24/7.

    Records temperatures from -30˚C to +70˚C and displays in ˚C and ˚F

    Records and displays humidity readings from 0% to 99%



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