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    Do you want to delay aging to keep young?

    Do you want to improve gastrointestinal health?

    Do you want to enhance the physical resistance to maintain a good mental state?

    Do you want to be effective in body sculpting?

    Hydrogen Water Filter is exactly what you need!

    HENGKO-Hydrogen Rich Water Generator -DSC 5188-1Hydrogen Water Principle
    Hydrogen Water is rich in hydrogen molecules, by drinking into the body after thedecomposition of hydrogen-decomposing enzymes in the hydrogen atom that isactive hydrogen, and the body's reactive oxygen - oxygen free radical reductionreaction generated the body most in need of the most harmless water . And oxygenchemical reaction is called oxidation reaction, and hydrogen chemical reaction is called reduction reaction, research report confirmed that hydrogen colorless, tasteless,non-toxic, without any side effects.
    Hydrogen is one of the best natural antioxidants, because hydrogen-rich hydrogenmolecules in the water is very small, can quickly penetrate cells, and the body's "healthkiller" oxygen free radicals, and finally generate water exclusion in vitro.Hydrogendifficult to dissolve in water, and the use of nano-level technology can solve this technical problem.Each hydrogen molecule will be evenly wrapped in water moleculesto form small molecules,small molecules due to small size, can be very good throughthe cell wall, eliminating intracellular malignant oxygen free radicals.
    Rich in active hydrogen, promote the body's internal balance.Antioxidant, keep yourbody forever young.The result of irregular life due to sticky blood, become clear andsmooth. Through the hydrogen in the body circulation, improve gastrointestinal function.

    Hydrogen Water Benefits
    Hydrogen-rich water with more than vitamin C, carrots, lecithin and all other knownantioxidants.The treatment of allergic dermatitis, constipation, high blood pressure,diabetes, prostate disease, superficial gastritis, gallstones,kidney stones, bladderstones, gynecological diseases (uterine fibroids, cysts), arthritis, gout, hair loss, , Lowblood pressure, senile plaques, lobular hyperplasia, cancer and other free radicalscaused by various types of symptoms have a strong role in prevention and control,regular drinking hydrogen-rich water can promote metabolism, so that each cell canautomatically maintain a healthy state, anti aging

    1. Now on the market ,there are a variety of healthy drinking fountains,You do not know how to choose?

    2. Healthy drinking fountains are often sold at a few thousand dollars, but is it fit for you? Can you try the experience first?

    Hydrogen Water Filter

    Why do I recommend you to use the hydrogen dissolve bar of constant song? Healthy drinking fountains on the market are sold for thousands or tens of thousands of yuan. HENGKO's hydrogen dissolving rods can be combined with a small hydrogen making machine to convert normal water into healthy ionic water. Hydrogen content of 1200 to 1500 ppb, which can remove 70% of free radicals in the body and promotes health and prevents illness. Helps Alkalize, Hydrate and Detoxify your Body.

    HENGKO-Hydrogen rich water cup -DSC 5183
    HENGKO-Hydrogen Rich Water Producer -DSC 5186

    316L food grade stainless steel material


    Healthy and durable

    Exquisite and unique appearance

    No metal ion precipitation

    No slag, no swarft


    Shorten the time of preparing hydrogen water

    Create high concentration rich hydrogen

    water in a very short period  of time (100s)


    Easy to install


    Seamless integration

    Excellent sealing



    Using the process

    1. add an appropriate amount of water to the hydrogen generator as the medium for electrolysis.
    2. connect one end of the silicone hose to the interface of the hydrogen generator and the other end to the hydrogen dissolving stick.
    3. Pour an appropriate amount of water into the measuring cup and put the hydrogen dissolving rod into the measuring cup.
    4. Start the power switch of the hydrogen generator, which generates hydrogen through electrolysis of water, and the hydrogen enters the hydrogen dissolving rod through the silicone hose.
    5. Then the hydrogen gas will be decomposed into nano hydrogen bubbles from the distributor in front of the hydrogen dissolving stick, and then evenly dissolved in the drinking water, and the hydrogen molecules will be closely combined with the water molecules to produce high concentration of hydrogen rich water.

    Production of hydrogen-rich water by physical method

    After the hydrogen generator is added to the Hengko Nano Hydrogen wand, the large

    hydrogen bubbles generated by it are decomposed into nano-sized hydrogen gas bubbles,

    making it easier for hydrogen molecules to combine withwater molecules, which makes up

    for the hydrogen-rich water equipment in theprior art The disadvantage of low hydrogen efficiency.


    Hydrogen water dissolving rod_03

    Experiments have proved that the hydrogen-rich machine can

    only produce hydrogen-rich water containing

    hydrogen molecules after adding the hydrogen-dissolving wand.

    hydrogen rich water generator

    Before use

    Large bubble, hydrogen ions and water

    solubility is not high, volatile, dissolved

    hydrogen concentration is not too high.

    After use 

    Hydrogen ions have a higher degree of

    compatibility with water.

    Hydrogen molecules are not volatile and

    do not volatilize for more than 24 hours.

    Detection of hydrogen-rich water

    Condition: 1000ml water  5 minutes

    Without hydrogen-dissolved wand
    With hydrogen-dissolved wand
    278ppb 1272ppb



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