Sampling System for Gas Analyzer – High Pressure Inline Filter UltraPure UHP

Sampling System for Gas Analyzer – High Pressure Inline Filter UltraPure UHP

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    hengko advantageHENGKO High-pressure gas filter for reliable protection against impurities. This market for filtration, separation and purification also complements the development of the semiconductor industry.


    When using compressed air for any application, it is almost always necessary to use a compressed air filter. These filters range in style from threaded, flanged, carbon, and high pressure. Each filter style has a unique purpose for specific applications and the right filter must be selected to keep your compressed air system efficient.


    High-pressure filters handle high PSI levels coming from the air compressor and are used in high-pressure applications. These filters have the maximum contaminant removal using highly efficient glass fiber and fleece media. These filters allow low-pressure losses, increased energy savings, and lower operating costs.


    High pressure filters are used in applications where it is imperative to remove any particulates or vapors that could damage or ruin the final product during manufacturing or other processes. These filters are often used in applications such as laser cutting, bottling, pressure testing of components, high-pressure die-casting, seismic exploration, and diving applications. While regular threaded & flanged filters can only handle up to 232 PSI, Pneumatech's range of high-pressure filters range from 725 to 5000 PSI. 



    The increased service life of subsequent valves

    High flow rate - thanks to hydrodynamically optimized design

    Filter cartridge made of chrome-nickel powder alloy

    Suitable for use with a wide range of industrial gases

    Filter cartridges can be replaced without disassembling the filter

    Each filter is 100% tested



    Inconel steel cartridge filters extremely fine mechanical impurities

    Versatile and suitable for many industrial gases

    User-friendly design, no need to disassemble the entire filter when replacing the cartridge

    High flow rate due to structured design for gas flow

    Reliable filter performance and increased service life of downstream equipment



    Suitable for installation in gas pipelines

    Welding and Cutting Glass

    Products Industry Metal forming and heat treatment technology

    Application of Hydrogen

    Stainless steel powder sintered filter element -DSC_9384 Stainless steel filter -DSC_937923022701Can't find a product that meets your needs? Contact our sales staff for OEM/ODM customization services!Custom Flow Chart filter230310012 hengko certificatehengko Parners

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