Flashback arrestors for single cylinders custom sintered porous metal stainless steel flame arrestor media for Process and Analytical Instrument Applications

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  • Brand: HENGKO
  • Remarks: Custom designs and fittings available
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    The design concept of this product is to prevent users from accidentally using fire to test whether there is hydrogen. The flame arrester will stop the fire outside the machine, otherwise, the machine will explode.

    > Dust filter promotes long life
    > Gas non-return valve (check valve) prevents dangerous gas mixtures
    Flame arrestor prevents flashback

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    HENGKO-DSC_7341-1 returnable arm of hydrogen-oxygen hydrogen-rich machine HENGKO-Flame arrester DSC_7338-1 for hydrogen and oxygen rich hydrogen machineCan't find a product that meets your needs? Contact our sales staff for OEM/ODM customization services!Custom Flow Chart filter 230310012hengko certificatehengko Parners

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