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OEM Special Sintered Metal Filter Manufacturers for Most Filtration Process like Petrochemicals, Pharmaceutical and Food Processing Project From China HENGKO


Professional OEM Sintered Metal Filter Manufacturers 10+ Years 

In addition to our standard porous metal filters, HENGKO also offers custom and OEM special filters and elements. We offer a variety of materials, layers and shapes including sintered stainless steel filters, sintered bronze filters and nickel, from single layer to multi-layer. We use technologies such as sintered wire mesh and perforated metal as well as metal powder. We maintain stock of many of these materials to ensure rapid production and delivery of standard melt powder materials used to manufacture sintered filter elements.


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HENGKO products have been widely used in petrochemical, fine chemical, water treatment, pulp and paper, 

auto industry, food and beverage, metalworkingair muffler silencer and not only these, these years, more and 

more special requires for special filter comes from medical, pharmaceutical, hydrogen rich water, oxygen sparger

concentrator around health beauty industry, till now we have worked with many leading industrial companies

and laboratory of university and brand company lab all over the world. 


For Special Metal Filter What We Parts We Can OEM  :  


1.) By Materials : 

You can choose from many other metals and alloys to meet special filter requirements such as

higher temperature and pressure, corrosion resistance etc.


1.Stainless Steel; 316L, 304L, 310, 347 and 430

2.Sintered Bronze 

3.Inconel® 600, 625 and 690  

4.Sintered Nickel 200 and Monel® 400 (70 Ni-30 Cu)  

5.Sintered Titanium  

6.Sintered Alloys  

7.Others material requires – Please Contact us 

   and Confirm with HENGKO 


2.) By Design and Application Style :

1.  Sintered Metal Filter Disc

2.  Sintered Stainless Steel Tube 

3.  Stainless Steel Cartridge Filter

4.  Sintered Metal Filter Plate

5.  Porous Metal Sheet 

6.  Cup Style Filter 


Also if You Have Some Filtration Project Need OEM Special Design Filters,

As Follow Are Some Parts You Can OEM 

1. Pore Size  ( OEM as your project requires ) 

2. Filter Design ( Accept Special Design and Filters with Mounting Joints ) 

3. Size  ( Length, Width, Height, Diameter ) 

4.  Materials ( 316L stainless steel, bronze etc ) 



You Are Welcome to Contact Us to Show Your Filter Design by email  

ka@hengko.comWe Will Discuss with Filter R&D Team and Supply 

Solution for Your Special Filtration within 48-Hours.  





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Main Features of Sintered Metal Filter ?

Sintered metal filters have several key features, including:

1. High filtration efficiency:

    Sintered metal filter has small pore size and large surface area, which can effectively remove impurities in various gases and liquids.

2. Wide chemical compatibility:

    These filters are made of materials with high chemical resistance, making them suitable for many corrosive media.

3. High temperature resistance:

    Sintered metal filters have excellent thermal stability, allowing them to operate efficiently at high temperatures.

4. Durability:

    These filters are durable, with high mechanical strength and resistance to abrasion, erosion and impact.

5. Reusability:

   Unlike disposable filters, sintered metal filters can be cleaned and reused many times, making them a cost-effective solution in filtration applications.




Application of Special Sintered Metal Filter 


 Actually Special Filters Always Used to Normal Application, Just Some Application Will Used

in Very Special High-Temperature, High-Pressure, Highly Corrosive Production and 

Experimental environments. Also Some Need Special Design Shape, So You Can Contact  

HENGKO to Solve Your OEM Metal Filter Needs.   


1. Liquid Filtration 

2. Fluidizing  

3. Sparging 

4. Diffusion

5. Flame Arrestor

6. Gas Filtration 

7. Food and Beverage   


 speical filter application


Sintered metal filters are versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications.

Some common applications of sintered metal filters are:  


1. Filtration of Liquids:

    Sintered metal filters are used extensively in the filtration of liquids such as water, chemicals, and solvents.

    These filters are capable of removing particulate matter, impurities, and contaminants from liquids, which makes

    them ideal for use in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and chemical industries.

    They are also used in wastewater treatment plants to remove pollutants and contaminants from water.


2. Filtration of Gases:

    Sintered metal filters are also used in the filtration of gases such as air, natural gas, and other industrial gases.

    They can remove particulate matter, oil, and other impurities from gases, which makes them suitable for use in

    industrial and commercial settings such as gas pipelines and compressed air systems.


3. Catalytic Converters:

    Sintered metal filters are used in catalytic converters to remove harmful pollutants from vehicle exhaust gases.

    They can trap and filter out particulate matter, while also allowing for the chemical reactions that occur in catalytic

    converters to take place. This helps to reduce emissions from vehicles and improve air quality.


4. Fluidization:

    Sintered metal filters are used in fluidization processes, where they are used to distribute gas or liquid into a bed of

    solid particles. The porous structure of sintered metal filters allows for even distribution of fluids, which is essential for

    efficient fluidization processes.


5. Oil Filtration:

    Sintered metal filters are used in oil filtration systems to remove impurities, contaminants, and particulate

    matter from engine oil, hydraulic oil, and other industrial oils. These filters are capable of withstanding high temperatures

    and pressures, which makes them ideal for use in industrial applications.


6. Medical Devices: 

   Sintered metal filters are used in medical devices such as nebulizers and drug delivery systems. These

   filters are capable of filtering out bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants from medications and medical gases, which

   helps to ensure patient safety.


7. Aerospace and Defense: 

    Sintered metal filters are used in the aerospace and defense industries for a variety of applications,

    including fuel filtration, hydraulic fluid filtration, and air and gas filtration. These filters must meet strict performance and safety

    standards, which makes sintered metal filters an ideal choice for these industries.




Engineer Solutions Support

Over the years, HENGKO has solved extremely complex filtration and flow control data requirements in a wide

range of industries all over the world. Solving complex engineering tailored to your application is our aim and 

It is also our common goal to keep your equipment and projects running smoothly and stably as planned , So

Why don't we work hand in hand to complete these projects together and overcome the difficulties, developing 

the special filters for your special projects today. 


Welcome to Share Your Project and Work with HENGKO,  We Will Supply Best Professional Metal Special Filter

Solution For Your Projects. 



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How to Customize Sintered Metal Filter 

Your Best special filter design factory for your special high requirements projects, if you can not find the same or similar

Filter products, Welcome to contact HENGKO to work together to find the best solution, and here is the process of 

OEM Special FiltersPlease Check it and Contact us talk more details. 

HENGKO is Dedicated to Helping People Perceive, Purify and Use Matter More Effective !  Making Life Healthier Over 20 Years.

1. Consultation and Contact HENGKO

2. Co-Development

3. Make a Contract

4. Design & Development

5. Customerappoval

6. Fabrication /Mass Production

7. Systemassembly

8. Test & Calibrate

9. Shipping & Trainning


OEM special filter Process Chart



Still Have Questions and Like to Know More Details For the OEM Speical Filter, Please feel Free To Contact Us Now. 


Also You Can Send Us Email Directly As Follow :  ka@hengko.com


We Will Send Back With 24-Hours, Thanks for Your Patient ! 




FAQ about Sintered Metal Filters : 


1.  What is a sintered metal filter? 

A: A sintered metal filter is a filter made by sintering metal powders together to form a porous material

    that allows liquids or gases to flow through while trapping particles or impurities. 


2. What are the benefits of using sintered metal filters?

A: The sintered metal filter has high strength and durability, temperature and pressure resistance, and can effectively filter particles and impurities.

    They also have a long lifespan and are easy to clean and maintain.


3. What are some common applications for sintered metal filters?

A: Sintered metal filters are used in a variety of industries including food and beverage,

    pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, water treatment and automotive.

    They are commonly used to filter liquids or gases such as oil, fuel, gas or water.


3. How do I choose the right sintered metal filter for my application?

A: The choice of a sintered metal filter depends on several factors, including the type of fluid or gas being filtered, 

    the size and shape of the particles or impurities, the required flow rate and pressure, and the temperature and

    chemical compatibility of the filter material. You should consult a knowledgeable sintered metal filter manufacturer 

    to determine the best filter for your needs.


4. What should be paid attention to when choosing a sintered metal filter manufacturer? 

A: When selecting a sintered metal filter manufacturer, look for a company that has experience and expertise in

    producing high quality filters, uses advanced manufacturing processes and technologies, offers customization

    options and technical support, and has a reputation for customer service and delivery A company with a good reputation.


5. How are sintered metal filters made?

A: Sintered metal filters are made by pressing metal powder into the desired shape, such as a tube or disc,

    and then heating the material in a controlled environment to a temperature that fuses the particles together.

    The resulting material has a porous structure that enables efficient filtration.


6. What are the common materials used to make sintered metal filters?  

A: Sintered metal filters can be made from a variety of materials including stainless steel, bronze, nickel, titanium

    and other alloys. The choice of material depends on the specific application and desired properties of the filter.


7. Can sintered metal filter be customized?

A: Yes, sintered metal filters can be customized to meet the specific needs of different applications. Manufacturers

    can adjust pore size, thickness, shape and other parameters to optimize filtration performance.


8. How do I clean and maintain sintered metal filters?

A: Sintered metal filters can be cleaned by backwashing with water or compressed air or by immersion in a

    cleaning solution. It is important to follow the manufacturer's cleaning and maintenance recommendations to

    ensure optimum filter performance and service life.




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