Sensor Housing of Explosion Proof Gas Detector

Petrochemical Industry Explosion Proof Gas Detector Application of Sintered Metal Filters


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In the petrochemical industry, producing a special product is particularly important, flammable and

explosive gases. So Explosion-proof prevention equipment is very important, To prevent the

explosion and combustion of flammable and explosive gases, people have developed a variety of

explosion-proof equipment, explosion-proof devices, in explosion-proof devices.


One of the core components is the sensor. However, the function of the protective head of the sensor

is particularly important. We specialize in the production of sensor heads for customized aerators.

The main functions are:

1. Protect the sensor from moisture, pollution, and failure

2. Flammable and explosive gases can effectively pass through the protective head,

    allowing the sensor chip to sense danger 


For HENGKO, Professional Manufacturer and OEM, Custom Variety Porous Sintered Metal Sensor

Housing / Probe for the Gas Explosion-Proof


You Can Custom as Follow Details of Sensor Housing for Explosion Proof Gas Detector :

1.  Materials ;  Can choose Normal Stainless Steel, 316L Stainless Steel, Bronze etct as your Gas Explosion-Proof request

2.  Pore Size:    Custom Different Pore size of the sintered metal filters

3.  Size and Design:  Can full custom and manufacture as your design draw and size


What kind of Gas do your Explosion Proof Gas Detector will detect ?  

You are welcome to contact us and hear the professional idea from our R&D Team and

give you best and fast solution for the housing design. 

You can contact us by email or send inquiry to our contact us page. 


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