Precautions for installing industrial temperature and humidity sensor

The data collected by temperature and humidity is widely used in industrial production due to the temperature and humidity are the most common environmental factors, which will bring a series of production process influences. Unlike the ordinary Hygrometer, industrial temperature and humidity meter has better accuracy, error and more harsh environment. HENGKO calibrated temperature and humidity meter adopts RHT series chip, the accuracy is ±2%RH at 25℃ 20%RH, 40%RH and 60%RH.It is a high precision industrial calibrated humidity meter that suitable for research institutes, university laboratories, weather stations, agricultural greenhouses, temperature and humidity incubators, breeding plants, feed storage, granaries, drying ovens, incubators and other places that require high-precision measurement.

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In addition to temperature and humidity meters, Industrial temperature and humidity sensor is widely using in the industrial measuring. Something need to be attention in the process of installing:

1.Install location

The sensor should not be installed at high temperature, strong magnetic field, near the furnace door or too close to the heated object. Usually, the housing is plastic. If it is close to a high-temperature environment, it may melt the housing, and the general sensor chip also has an applicable temperature range. If this range is exceeded, the chip will easily fail or the error will increase and eventually cause irreversible damage, etc

2.Installation method

HENGKO HT802W and HT802X is wall-mount type. Duct temperature and humidity sensor with stainless steel extension probe suitable for measuring the depth of the box or inside the pipe. The flange design makes the temperature and humidity sensor be fixed in one position. It should be noted during installation that the installation environment should preferably be in a stable range. For example, conditions such as the temperature and humidity are not drastically changed or the wind speed is too high are not suitable for installation, which will affect the measurement accuracy of the sensor and its service life.

HENGKO-Explosion-proof SHT15 humidity sensor -DSC 97813.Measuring range

The measuring range also important in the process of temperature and humidity installing. For HENGKO HT-802W temperature and humidity transmitter , the measuring is -40℃~+60℃.It is not suitable for installation near boilers, drying ovens, ovens, and high-temperature pipelines. If you want to install in an environment of more than 60℃, you can choose our high temperature and humidity transmitter, The highest temperature resistance can reach 120℃ or 200℃, with high temperature tolerance, is the best choice for working in high temperature harsh environment.

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