Why do gas detectors need to be calibrated regularly?

Why do gas detectors need to be calibrated regularly?

Gas detector is a kind of gas leak concentration detection instrument instrument tools, including: portable gas detector, handheld gas detector, fixed gas detector, online gas detector, etc. The gas sensor is mainly used to detect the type of gas existing in the environment. The gas sensor is used to detect the composition and content of gas. When the gas detector leaves the factory, the manufacturer will adjust and calibrate the detector, but why should it be calibrated regularly? This is mainly to ensure the accuracy of gas detector measurement.

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The accuracy of the instrument is an important prerequisite for the alarm when the concentration of toxic and harmful gases or combustible gases in the detection environment reaches the preset alarm limit. If the accuracy of the instrument decreases, the timeliness of the alarm will be affected, which will cause serious consequences and even endanger the lives of the staff.

Gas detector accuracy mainly depends on the sensor, electrochemical sensor and catalytic combustion sensor will be affected by some substances in the environment in the process of use poisoning failure. For example, HCN sensor, if H2S and PH3 through, the sensor catalyst will be toxic failure. LEL sensors can be seriously affected by exposure to silicon-based products. The factory manual of our gas detector will emphasize that calibration operation should be done at least once every 12 months; If exposed to high concentration of gas, a calibration operation should be carried out immediately to ensure the accuracy of the instrument measurement. This is to ensure that the error of the test results of the instrument does not exceed the normal range, and the calibration work should be carried out regularly. It is also to ensure the personal safety of personnel, so it is not allowed to do the calibration for convenience.

Another important reason: the detector can drift over time and exposure to gas. Therefore, the calibration of gas detector should be carried out regularly. The detector should display as 000 in the normal environment, but if there is drift, the concentration will show greater than 0, which will affect the detection results. Therefore, the gas detector should be calibrated regularly to ensure the accuracy of measurement, and it is difficult to suppress the zero drift by other means.

The calibration method of HENGKO gas detector is as follows, to give you a reference:

(1)Zero calibration 

Long press the zero key for about 2 seconds, 3 LED lights flash at the same time, 3 seconds later, LED lights back to normal, zero successful.

(2)sensitivity calibration

If the key is calibrated without standard gas, the standard gas will fail.

Standard gas is passed through, long press standard gas + or standard gas -, and the running light (RUN) will turn into long light, and then the standard gas state will be entered. Press standard gas + once, the concentration value increases by 3, and the ERR light flashes once; Reduce the concentration value by 2 by 1 standard gas -, and the ERR light flashes once; If the standard gas + or the standard gas – is not pressed for 60 seconds, the standard gas state will exit and the running light (RUN) will return to normal flashing.

Note: Motherboard keys can be used for operation only if there is no display board. When there is a display board, please use the display board menu calibration.

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