What is a wet bulb? Why measure it?

Humidity control has strict requirements in the fields of agriculture , industry, meteorological measurement , environmental protection, national defense, scientific research, aerospace, etc. Therefore, humidity measurement technology has been greatly developed as the requirements continue to be strict . Common humidity measurement methods are : dew point method, wet and dry bulb method and electronic sensor method. The dry-wet bulb method was applied earlier . In the 18th century, humans invented the wet-dry bulb hygrometer. Its working principle is composed of two thermometers with exactly the same specifications. One is a dry bulb thermometer, which is exposed to the air to measure the ambient temperature; the other is a wet bulb thermometer, which is heated after being soaked. Wrap it with gauze to keep the gauze moist for a long time. The moisture in the gauze evaporates to the surrounding air and takes away heat, which reduces the temperature of the wet bulb. The moisture evaporation rate is related to the moisture content of the surrounding air. The lower the air humidity, the faster the moisture evaporation rate, resulting in the lower the wet bulb temperature. The wet and dry bulb hygrometer uses this phenomenon to determine the air humidity by measuring the dry bulb temperature and the wet bulb temperature.

However, it is more difficult to operate this way. First, you must keep the gauze moist at all times. Second, the dry and wet bulb thermometer will have a greater impact on the environment. For example, dust and other pollutants will contaminate the gauze, or problems such as insufficient water flow will cause wetness. The temperature of the ball is too high, and the resulting relative humidity will eventually be too high. Although the cost of the wet and dry bulb hygrometer is relatively low and the price is cheap, the measurement is prone to errors, so we’d better use electronic measurement. Many application fields need to measure dry and wet bulb data, such as agriculture, edible fungus cultivation, environmental testing equipment industry and so on. However, the environment in these industries is mostly harsh, prone to pollutants such as dirt, dust, etc. The selection of electronic sensor measurement can not only directly calculate the dry and wet bulb data, but also ensure the accuracy and accuracy of the measurement.

HENGKO HK-J8A102 / HK-J8A103 multifunction digital hygrometer/ psychrometer, it is an industrial grade, high-precision measuring instruments temperature and relative humidity. The instrument is powered by a 9V battery and uses an external high-precision probe. It has the functions of measuring humidity, temperature, dew point temperature, and wet bulb temperature. It can easily respond to the needs of accurate temperature and humidity measurement in various occasions. This product is a laboratory,

Ideal for industrial and engineering temperature and humidity measurement. The product is easy to operate. When selecting the dew point temperature and the wet bulb temperature, there will be symbols on the display screen, and the data is simple and clear and easy to record. And it also has the function of data recording, which can record 32,000 pieces of data, and can be installed with a battery to avoid the suspension of data recording due to unexpected situations such as power failure. It can be used for patrol inspection or fixed in a place for regular measurement. .

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Shenzhen Hengko Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer dedicated to the development and manufacture of temperature and humidity sensing instruments, with more than ten years of rich production experience and strong manufacturing technology capabilities. Temperature and humidity sensing instruments and accessories series include: temperature and humidity sensor, temperature and humidity sensor housing, temperature and humidity probe, temperature and humidity sensor PCB module, temperature and humidity transmitter, dew point sensor, dew point probe housing, wireless temperature recorder, wireless pressure Recorder, wireless temperature and humidity recorder, etc. We wholeheartedly provide our customers with corresponding products and support, and look forward to forming a stable strategic cooperative relationship with friends from all walks of life and working hand in hand to create a better future!

Post time: Mar-22-2021