HENGKO Inspiratory Bacteria non invasive assisted mini personal lung Ventilation medical portable ventilator Filter

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    hengko advantageHENGKO's filter element of the ventilator is stainless steel 316, stainless steel 316L, which has the characteristics of filtering and dustproof. Its material is safe and non-toxic, without odor. The pore diameter is specially designed, and the pore diameter is evenly distributed. It can be used multiple times without cleaning. The air filter material used on the ventilator is strictly selected and tested, and it is suitable for most ventilator models on the market. Large dust particles entering the ventilator may cause wear of the motor bearings of the ventilator, reduce the motor's life, and increase the noise of the motor.


    The filter element made of ordinary materials may not meet the above indicators in performance, and some materials are harmful to the human body and easily cause the human body to overreact, thereby causing a series of adverse effects on the treatment effect.


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    HENGKO Inspiratory Bacteria noninvasive assisted mini personal lung Ventilation medical portable ventilator Filter

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