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HENGKO work with customers from all areas of the world to establish new standards…

MEDICINE: We help scientists discover, develop, and deliver new solutions to customers around the world

COMPUTING POWER: We collaborate with engineers developing of artificial intelligence and intelligent systems

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY: The most innovative energy engineers rely on us to realize new ways of providing energy to the world

SPACE EXPLORATION: Leading aerospace & defense companies use our design expertise to explore the reaches of space or fight evolving threats to keep us safe

Innovation with customers in all corners of the world

Customers from nearly 100 countries around the world choose HENGKO to design solutions for their products and processes. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a start-up, we leverage HENGKO's nearly 20 years of highly agile innovation, high standards of service and customize each product to meet your refined needs. Our experience covers virtually every market, from medical devices to semiconductors, from chemical processing to alternative energy, from aerospace and defence to food and beverage.