How to choose machine room temperature and humidity solution?

China internet is the largest in the world. With the fast development of the internet and the increase of the internet information, there is a higher requirement for data storage and data central machine room. In the IT industry, machine room usually stand for Telecom, Netcom, Mobile, Dual Line, Power , Government, Enterprise, the place of storage server and provides IT services to users and employees. Because there are a lot of servers in the computer room, the temperature will be very high due to uninterrupted operation for a long time. We all know that all kinds of IT equipment will affect the normal operation of electronic equipment if they work at high temperatures. For example, for semiconductor components, room temperature Each increase of 10°C within the specified range reduces its reliability by approximately 25%. Both Ali and Microsoft have put their own cloud servers in seawater to obtain significant cooling benefits.


Temperature is always closely related to humidity. If the humidity in the computer room is too high, condensed water droplets will form on the computer components, which will shorten the life of the equipment. Secondly, excessive humidity will cause water droplets to form on the surface of the cooling system, which will reduce the efficiency of the cooling equipment and ultimately increase the cost. Therefore, the temperature and humidity sensor, as a temperature and humidity measuring instrument, has become an indispensable part of the computer room environmental monitoring system.

Although the temperature and humidity sensor is indispensable in the computer room, the way to install the sensor is also particular in different environments.Normally, in a computer room, sensors can be installed at several points on the wall or roof to quickly understand the temperature and humidity of each area in the computer room, and remotely monitor the overall temperature and humidity of the computer room.

HENGKO HT-802W and HT-802C series transmitter adopt waterproof housing. mainly use in the indoor and one-site condition. Various types of probes can be selected and applied to different sites, and are widely used in communication rooms, warehouse buildings and automatic control and other places that require temperature monitoring. Adopt standard industrial interface 4~20mA/0~10V/0~5V analog signal output, which can be connected to field digital display meter, PLC, frequency converter, industrial control host and other equipment.

Temperature and humidity controller DSC_9764-1

Wang word outside wide temperature and humidity detector DSC_1401 (2)

King shell measuring instrument DSC_1393

If the main purpose is to monitor the ventilation of the equipment environment, temperature and humidity sensors can be installed at these equipment to determine the temperature and humidity conditions.We can install a duct temperature and humidity transmitter to detect the temperature and humidity in the ventilation pipe.We have long type probe or the probe suitable for measuring curved pipes for your choose.

Stainless steel fume meter -DSC 3771-1

Temperature and humidity probe -DSC 0242

The area of the computer room is different, the airflow and equipment distribution are different, and there will be a big difference in the temperature and humidity values, which can be based on the actual area of the host room and the actual placement of the server. Determine the number of additional temperature and humidity sensors to monitor the temperature and humidity in the equipment room.

To monitor the temperature and humidity of the computer room, the most important thing is to quickly deal with the abnormal temperature and humidity.The temperature and humidity sensor is integrated with the monitoring software, and the precision air conditioner can automatically adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, which can provide the most safe and effective protection for the computer room.

Post time: Apr-24-2021