How should I store the drugs in the pharmacy?

Speaking of pharmacies, I believe we are not unfamiliar, usually headaches and small colds will choose to go to the pharmacy to buy drugs, pharmacies are mostly retail-oriented, with convenience as the core, with a certain degree of economy, retail pharmacies and public hospitals, public primary care institutions and as the three major pharmaceutical consumption terminals. According to China pharmacy statistics, since 2015, the overall scale of China’s drug retail sales has continued to improve, and in 2019, the total size of China’s drug retail market increased to 425.8 billion yuan on the basis of 400.2 billion yuan in 2018, up 6.40% year-on-year.

There are temperature restrictions on the storage of drugs, room temperature storage means that the temperature is 0-30 ℃; storage in a cool environment means 0-20 ℃; cold storage means 2 ℃ – 8 ℃, the humidity of drug storage should be maintained between 45% and 75%. The Ministry of Health issued the drug distribution quality management standards (revised draft) in Article 40: (record establishment) enterprises should establish drug purchase, acceptance, sales, out of storage, maintenance, return, transportation, storage temperature and humidity monitoring, unqualified drug treatment and other related records to be true, complete, accurate, effective and traceable. Article 48 (d) of the provisions: the warehouse should have automatic monitoring, recording the temperature and humidity of the warehouse equipment.

The correct preservation of drugs determines their shelf life, efficacy and toxic side effects. Some drugs will deteriorate at room temperature leading to failure, such as insulin, gammaglobulin and various biological agents. Therefore, the pharmacy warehouse should establish a scientific, orderly and complete temperature and humidity data recording and testing system. Temperature and humidity sensors and temperature and humidity recorders can be combined to establish a complete temperature and humidity detection system. When the temperature and humidity sensor detects that the temperature and humidity exceeds the specified value, it can be adjusted in time. HENGKO has many styles of temperature and humidity sensors to choose from, and you can select different styles of transmitters and temperature and humidity probe housings according to your specific measurement needs.

humidity sensor waterproof-DSC_5805 Temperature and humidity transmitter long rod probe -DSC 6732

At the same time, the temperature and humidity recorder records the temperature and humidity changes at night and other conditions, daily inspection to avoid drug moisture, failure, etc. HENGKO temperature and humidity data logger, is a new generation of industrial grade data recording products, it integrates advanced chip technology, adopts high precision sensors, measures temperature and humidity, stores data automatically at user-set intervals, and is equipped with intelligent data analysis and management software to provide users with long time, professional temperature and humidity measurement, recording, alarm, analysis, etc., to meet customers’ temperature and humidity sensitive occasions different application requirements.
Hand-held temp and humidity meter-DSC_7292-3

If your application scene place is narrow, you can choose HK-J9A100 series, compact shape, easy to carry and installation, easy to use.

USB temperature and humidity recorder -DSC_7862-1

If your measurement needs are more stringent and need to measure more data, you can choose HENGKO HK-J8A102/HK-J8A103 high precision multifunctional digital temperature and humidity meter with external high precision probe, can store tens of thousands of data, with measuring humidity, temperature, dew point temperature, dry and wet bulb temperature function. Special wet and dry bulb temperature measurement record function, can be widely used in intelligent agriculture, baking room, drying box, etc.. Even if there is a sudden power failure, the product is equipped with a battery on the back, it can work normally to avoid accidental power failure to interrupt the data recording work.
Hand-held convenient temperature and humidity sensor -DSC 7292-1

The purpose of strict regulations for the storage of medicines is to ensure the value of the medicines and to ensure the safe and effective use of medicines. The deterioration and failure of medicines not only cause waste, but also cause more harm if they are carelessly taken by patients. Not only retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical plants, etc., as long as the place where drugs are stored, should establish a strict drug storage inspection system to ensure the safety of the use of drugs for patients and to protect the interests of patients.

Post time: Mar-27-2021