HENGKO as a “booster” to help the development of hydrogen-rich water industry

In recent years, the sales scale of China’s bottled water industry has grown at a rapid pace, and has become one of the largest sub-sectors of the soft drinks industry revenue scale, accounting for about 20% of China’s soft drinks industry revenue. 2017 China’s bottled (filled) water manufacturing industry sales revenue of nearly 150 billion yuan, net profit exceeded 16 billion yuan. Although the bottled water market is now dominated by mineral water, distilled water consumption, but with the growing economic level, the market continues to be subdivided, the rapid development of functional beverages, some sports bottled drinks, health care bottled drinks, etc. stand out. People have some new requirements for drinking water, especially women who love beauty. The 2020 Women’s Consumption Trends Report points out that women’s “self-pleasing” consumption is growing rapidly, and the investment in body maintenance and care is gradually increasing. Drinking water is not limited to quenching thirst, for some functional more important.


Today, we are going to talk about a water that is popular in Japan and quietly emerging in China – hydrogen-rich water, also known as hydromineralized water. As the name implies, hydrogen-rich water is water that contains trace amounts of hydrogen molecules. Research shows that the main role of hydrogen is antioxidant. The reactive oxygen radicals in the human body have immune and signaling functions, but too many reactive radicals generated by internal or external environmental influences in the body can damage the body’s cells and tissues, which can lead to many diseases such as heart disease and aging. There are many functions of hydrogen-rich water, such as delaying aging, beauty care, regulating body metabolism, beauty care, etc.


We all know that hydrogen is insoluble in water, but with the breakthrough of science and technology, Japan broke through the technical problem that hydrogen molecules are insoluble in water in 2009 and produced saturated hydrogen water (i.e. hydrogen-rich water). There are many ways to make hydrogen-rich water, but most of them are based on the principle of putting hydrogen gas into water through nano bubble hydrogen water generator, which generates many bubbles to make hydrogen gas dissolve in water in trace amounts.


HENGKO nano bubble hydrogen rich water generating device is made of food grade stainless steel, which can be applied to various machines for making hydrogen rich water. The hydrogen dissolving rod sintered in one does not fall off, does not fall off the powder slag, corrosion resistant, resistant to 600℃ high temperature, sturdy, durable and drop resistant compared with PE plastic is stronger and more durable; uniform porosity, high filtration precision, large contact area, fast circulation speed, can evenly hit very small bubbles, so that the hydrogen can be better integrated into the water.

Hydrogen rich water -DSC 1572 DSC_1068

The fast pace of modern life makes people more anxious about subhealth and more attentive to body maintenance, and the rise of the hydrogen-rich water industry shows that modern people are more and more concerned about their own health and the demand for healthy food. As an innovative enterprise that keeps on innovating and following the development of the times, HENGKO independently researches and produces various models of hydrogen-rich water machine accessories, which are the “boosters” of the hydrogen-rich water industry and help the development of the industries of big health, functional drinking water and hydrogen-rich water beauty products.

Post time: Apr-06-2021