Fresh cold-chain logistics It is vital for temperature and humidity monitoring

The weather is very suitable for the grow of litchi although the weather is such hot. In ancient,Lychees have been loved by the emperors and concubines as a tribute. According to the record: "The concubine is addicted to lychee, and she must be born to it. It is transferred and transmitted for thousands of miles. The taste has not changed, and she has arrived in the capital."It can be said that lychees set a precedent for fresh transportation.

Now, eating the fresh Lychee even if French caviar and Japanese salmon is not difficult thing. The fresh cold-chain logistics system play an important role, it shorten the distance between the table and the place of production.What should be attention in the fresh transport?

1.Temperature and humidity monitoring in transportation

When fresh products are transported, the most important thing is the monitoring of temperature and humidity. Usually, refrigerated trucks or vehicles with refrigeration equipment are used for transportation to ensure the freshness of fresh products. The temperature difference during the transportation of the vehicle will affect the fresh activity of the fresh products, and the temperature is too high to easily breed bacteria, molds, etc., which will cause the fresh products to rot. Therefore, controlling the temperature and humidity of cold storage in the vehicle is an important means to reduce the loss rate of fresh products. 

temperature and humidity monitoring system

For the long-distance transportation of fresh food, such as inter-provincial land transportation, seaborne frozen food, etc., how can the long-term transportation monitor that the goods have been in suitable temperature and humidity conditions? The key is temperature and humidity minitoring system. HENGKO fresh cold chain temperature and humidity monitoring system made of temperature and humidity data logger, temperature and humidity sensor, monitoring host and related software. Our temperature and humidity sensor can collect and transmit the ambient temperature data in real time.The monitoring host can collect, process and record the data monitored by each temperature sensor, alert the staff when an abnormal situation occurs, and collect and upload the equipment's door opening and closing status and geographic location.


2.Product packaging and transportation

Fresh fruits and vegetables need to be packaged with packaging tools such as cartons and plastic wrap to reduce the loss of fresh freshness.Because during transportation, bumps and bumps are inevitable, the surface of the fruit is easily damaged and rotted.The stacking method also need to attention.Because of the irregularity of the shape and physique of vegetables and fruits, as well as their own attribute factors, the flow of airflow and the squeezing between goods need to be considered when stacking such fresh products. Such problems are also An important factor affecting the activity of fresh fresh products and the loss of fresh products.

When transporting fruits and vegetables, the weight of the cellar should be considered so that it can be filled within the allowable load range. However, if the fruits and vegetables are packed too full and crowded, the fruits and vegetables are prone to a large amount of breathing heat, causing overripe or tarnishing of the surface.In addition, fresh fruits and vegetables are classified and transported as much as possible during the transportation process, mainly because some fresh fruits can produce ethylene, which accelerates the maturation of fruits and vegetables, and after a certain degree, will cause the quality of other fruits and vegetables to decline.

temperature and humidity monitoring

As a time-sensitive food, fresh fruits and vegetables require more care and transportation than frozen products.Transportation is only part of the fresh food logistics. The early harvesting, disinfection, packaging, storage and other links need to be linked together to ensure that the quality of fresh food is stabilized or improved in circulation, and to provide consumers with fresh and safe variety. Sexual fresh food.

Post time: Jul-02-2021