Dew point instrument for measuring air trace moisture content

Dew point temperature needs to be focused on in many industrial control environments. At any temperature, the maximum amount of water vapor that the air can hold is called the water vapor saturation pressure. At this time, adding more water vapor will cause condensation. Condensation is less desirable in compressed air systems, as it can lead to clogged pipes, machine failures, contamination, and freezing.  

What effect does pressure have on the dew point? Air compression with an air compressor increases the water vapor pressure and thus the dew point value.  Therefore, the fixed-point dew point value measured by the dew point meter will be different from the dew point value in the compressed air process.

What is the typical range of dew point? In special cases, the dew point temperature range in compressed air can be as low as -80 °C (-112 °F).  The compressed air system equipped with a refrigerated dryer passes the compressed air through a cooled heat exchanger, allowing the moisture of the air to condense in the flow path and then filter. These systems usually produce air with a dew point temperature of not less than 5°C (41°F).

Dew point instrument for measuring air trace moisture content

How to measuring the inter air dew point of system? We need to choose a dew point transmitter or dryer dew point meter with a suitable measuring range. HENGKO HT608 series dew point meter suitable for high pressure system operation, some dew point meters on the market can’t withstand high pressure, or imported meters are too expensive. 608 series dew point sensor transmitter not only can withstand high pressure but can output temperature and humidity, dew point temperature, wet bulb temperature, high precision, good consistency. 

HENGKO-dew point sensor for compressed air-DSC_8831


The 608 dew point transmitter is installed to measure the compressed air after expansion to atmospheric pressure, but if the pressure dew point is the required measurement parameter, the measured dew point value must be corrected. The installation needs to follow the manufacturer's instructions, especially do not install the dew point sensor at the end of a short pipe without air flow or other "dead corner" pipes. If you install the measurement in these places, not only the measurement range is small, but another problem is that the measurement is inaccurate and the product itself is easily damaged. For narrow and long pipes or boxes, 608c or 608d dew point meters are very suitable for measurement, 316L stainless steel extension tube, slim, rigid, low resistance, convenient for measurement in narrow spaces; High accuracy, good repeatability, good long-term stability; There are two types of probes: pluggable and non-pluggable, which are convenient to apply to different environmental scenarios, meet your different needs, and extend the service life of the instrument.

HENGKO-Temperature and humidity instrument -DSC 7274

Dew point measuring instrument is widely used in dryers, compressed air systems, air separation, petrochemical, metallurgy, electronic power, machinery manufacturing and other industries. A lot of industrial products need to be evaluated and monitored for trace water content, such as high purity gas has strict requirements for water, because the water of the gas can not only dissolve some gas components but also produce acid or alkali with some components in a chemical reaction, corrosion equipment or instrument damage.



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