Chunmiao Action HENGKO vaccine cold chain temperature and humidity monitor system

The Chunmiao Action is a COVID-19 vaccination program launched by the Chinese government for its overseas citizens, which is responsible for actively providing either domestic or foreign vaccines for Chinese citizens currently located abroad.  More than 1.18 million overseas Chinese citizens have received Chinese vaccines as a result of the Chunmiao Action. The COVID-19 still serious. Vaccination is urgent for everyone.

Chunmiao Action ∣HENGKO vaccine cold chain temperature and humidity monitor system

COVID-19 vaccination are transported and distributed to the local medical centers and station by CDC. COVID-19 vaccines-strict temperature control a must. Prior to storing vaccine in the storage unit, the temperatures should be within the required storage temperature. Monitor and document minimum and maximum temperatures for 2 to 7 consecutive days to ensure storage unit stability is appropriate for vaccine storage. HENGKO vaccine cold chain temperature and humidity monitor system adopts high precision sensor.The error range is within ±0.3℃. And the time interval set by the user automatically stores data (1s~24 hours), equipped with intelligent data analysis and management software, to provide users with long-term, professional temperature and humidity measurement, recording, alarm, analysis, etc., to meet customers’ temperature Different application requirements for humidity sensitive occasions.


COVID-19 Vaccine vials to be stored in the refrigerator at 2°C to 8°C (35°F to 46°F) for up to 1 month.  HENGKO PDF temperature and humidity data logger  with exquisite appearance, easy to carry and install. Its maximum capacity is 640000 data. It has USB transport interface to connect computer, using with the SmartLogger software can download the data chart and report. 
China take a effective attention for COVID-19. We believe the Ruili can defeat this Pandemic. 

Post time: Jul-14-2021