How to use the most suitable stainless steel according your need?

“Stainless steel” is not only referring to a kind of stainless steel, but also hundreds of different types of stainless steel. It will a little difficult when you chose suitable stainless steel for your application product. So,How to use the most suitable stainless steel according to your need?

1.Classified by process temperature

Although most stainless steel has a higher melting point, different types of stainless steel are different. Such as the melting point of 316 stainless steel is about 1375~1450℃. Therefore, classified by maximum using temperature and melting point. 


2. Taking corrosion resistance into consideration

Its corrosion resistance is one of the reasons for many manufactures more like stainless steel than common iron. However, not every type of stainless steel is equally resistant to corrosion, some kinds of stainless steel can resistant to certain types of acidic compounds better. Austenitic stainless steel such as 304 or 316 stainless steel tends to have better corrosion resistance than other types of stainless steel. This is because austenitic stainless steel has a higher chromium content, which helps to improve corrosion resistance (although it does not guarantee resistance to every kind of corrosion). 


3.Talking the application environment into consideration

Ensure the pressure of the application product that need to bear. We need to consider the its tensile strength when choosing the stainless steel material. The tensile strength is the critical value for the transition of metal from uniform plastic deformation to locally concentrated plastic deformation. After the critical value is exceeded, the metal begins to shrink, that is, concentrated deformation occurs. Most stainless steels have quite high tensile strength. 316L has a tensile strength of 485 Mpa and 304 has a tensile strength of 520 Mpa.


Stainless steel filter tube-DSC_4254

Taking all the above elements into consideration,choosing the most suitable stainless steel material. It will provide best performance for your manufacturing solutions. If you have no idea when chosing the stainless steel material. We will provide the professional technology technical support services to you. 

Post time: Oct-12-2020