How many kinds of washing methods of stainless steel wire mesh are you know?

Sintering stainless steel mesh is high mechanical strength and rigidity new filtration material which using the multi-layer metal wire woven mesh via special laminated, vacuum sintering and other manufacturing technics. The material of HENGKO sintering stainless steel mesh is 316L stainless steel material. It has the advantage of sturdy, withstand voltage, good filtering effect, high-temperature resistance,anti-corrosion and easy to clean. Regarding the characteristic of easy cleaning, how to clean the sintered mesh filter both convenient and saving time. Maybe many people do not know this answer or do not clean the sintering net for a long time. If the sintering mesh filter without cleaning after using for a long time, the accumulation of impurities will cause many questions in the usage process. Therefore, the sintering mesh needs to be washed regularly.

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Sintering stainless steel mesh is a filtration material that can repeated cleaning and using, the washing methods: Ultrasonic cleaning, Baking cleaning, Backwater cleaning and so on. Ultrasonic cleaning and Backwater cleaning is a common cleaning method.

Ultrasonic cleaning is a method in which the sintered mesh is taken out of the equipment and then cleaned with special ultrasonic waves. However, since the sintered mesh needs to be removed and cleaned each time, it has a greater impact on production efficiency. 

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Baking cleaning also named heat treatment cleaning method, this method is generally used when chemical cleaning without working. It needs to heat the oven first and then dissolve adhesive substances. 

Backwater cleaning is also named reverse cleaning method. The specific operation method is to blow inert gas (such as nitrogen) from the opposite direction to the sintered mesh for flushing. It doesn’t need to take out the sintering mesh from the device.

These washing methods have their advantages and disadvantages and can be appropriately selected according to different needs in actual applications.

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The sintering mesh disc filter can be used repeatly after knowing those wash methods. It is also a way for enterpise to reduct cost. We can choose a suitable washing method according to the actual situation. HENGKO is the main supplier of the micro-sintered stainless steel filters and high-temperature porous metal filters in global. We have many kinds of sizes, specifications and types product for your choose, multiprocess and complicated filtering products also can be customized as your requirement.

Post time: Nov-02-2020