Gas concentration detector in the importance of breeding farm

China is the global largest pig producer and pork consumer,with hog production and pork consumption accounting for more than 50% of the global total. By 2020, with the increase of large-scale pig farms and free-range breeding households, the number of breeding sows and live pigs in china will exceed 41 million by the end of November.

Why are pig so important to china? Compared with chicken, duck, fish, goose, pig is the most important source of meat in the family, in the 21st century, the pork is still the main source of meat protein intake for Chinese people. At the same time live pigs are also an important source of economic, the price of a pig in thousands of yuan, compared with other livestock, pig can be much more than valuable, the livestock is most valuable agricultural and sideline product in china , and its extend production chain involves a wide range of food processing, sausage, feed, slaughtering, catering, and so on.

The middle reaches of the pig breeding industry is the production chain , the already realize scale cultivation breeding , scientific farming, in April 2016, the ministry of agriculture issued《The national pig production development planning (2016-2020) 》by 2020, the size proportion increase steadily, and become the subject of the pig size field developing standardized scale farming, improve the level of scale farms automation equipment, standardized production level and modern management level. With the large-scale and standardized popularization of the farm, maintaining a scientific and reasonable temperature and humidity environment and air quality, strictly controlling the concentration of ammonia gas, carbon dioxide gas, hydrogen sulfide and other gases, scientific feeding and so on will be conducive to pig breeding, improve the survival rate and yield rate.

In such large-scale industrial pig breeding, the pens are usually relative dense and the number of pigs is large, The daily breathing, excretion, and decomposition of pig feed of pigs in the farm will produce a lot of toxic gases, such as carbon dioxide, NH3, H2S methane, ammonia and so on. High concentrations of these toxic gases can endanger people’s lives and the health of pigs. On April 6, 2018, fujian He Mou, li Mou some farm workers in the process of pipeline dredge waterways CMC farms to septic tanks, without ventilation and concentration of toxic gas detection, under the condition of not wearing any protective equipment, into the CMC pipeline dredging operations, killing 2 people poisoning of major liability accident. This accident is mainly caused by the operator’s lack of safety awareness and the absence of toxic gas detector in the farm and pipeline. Therefore, it is very important to install toxic gas concentration detector in the farm.

Hengko fixed toxic gas concentration detector, the product adopts modular design, with intelligent sensor detection technology, the overall flameproof, using wall type installation. Used for continuous on-line monitoring of gas concentration in all kinds of bad situations. Display the current concentration on the screen, and alarm when the concentration reaches the preset alarm value.


air gas detector-DSC_3477We can install a fixed gas concentration detector in the piggery and test it regularly. In the pipeline operation, the handheld pipeline gas concentration detector can be used, convenient, real-time detection, rapid response, to ensure safe operation and ensure life safety.


Hand-held gas detector -DSC 6388

And there are many types of explosion-proof housing optional: stainless steel explosion-proof housing (powder/stainless steel mesh);

Aluminum explosion-proof housing (powder), you can choose different filtration precision gas probe housing (gas chamber) according to your actual needs.

gas leak detector











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