The rain falls thick and fast on All Souls’ Day?Moisture-proof is essential.

Qingming is the fifth solar term in the twenty-four solar terms of the lunar calendar, which means the official beginning of the spring season. Tomb-sweeping season is the time when cold and warm air meet, which is prone to rain. In the spring, the air pressure is unstable, and low air pressure will pass frequently. The rainy season is more frequent. There is more water vapor in the atmosphere. At night, the water vapor will easily condense into drizzle.That’s why the rain fall thick and fast on All Soul’ Day.

Drizzle is the worst weather. Umbrella can’t resist the rain from blowing on your face or glasses. Over moisture and humidity weather will let humans feel uncomfortable.The moldy clothes, “Sweating” walls and cabinet with mushrooms have bothered Southerner deeply. It mainly related to the located climate. The southern coast is mostly subtropical monsoon climate, characterized by humid and rainy, rainy and hot in the same season, and rainy in spring and summer. Moist is inevitable. The affect of moist is large. Not only will cause the clothes and furniture to go moldy, but also will be harmful to health such as skin allergies, rheumatic bone pain, etc.


In agriculture, from the growth of crops to the storage of all kinds of grain and crop products all affected by humidity. The too high temperature will make the roots of crops perishable and affect photosynthesis. If the inter temperature of the warehouse and granary is too high, the crops, seeds and cotton will absorb moisture from the air. The microbial reproduction leads to mildew, discoloration, or smell, resulting in economic losses.


In industrial, the too high temperature of the air has a great influence on machine production work. Because many high-precision instruments do not have the ability to work in a high-humidity environment, water vapor can easily enter the inside of the machine, which will cause damage to the machine and shorten the service life. It will also cause some metal equipment to be corroded.

Therefore, the industrial temperature and humidity sensor will be used in many industrial environment. Compare with common temperature and humidity meter and instrument, industrial temp & humi sensors are more precision. When the measuring value is over the upper-limit alarm value of the temperature and humidity monitor devices, it will alarm automatically. Besides, you can use the mobile phone remote real-time query temperature and humidity values, easy to achieve unattended.


We have lots of industrial temperature and humidity transmitter for you select: display and without display, larger display and small display. Our products can meet the measurement needs of demanding industrial processes and environmental control.


Our temperature and humidity products include temperature and humidity sensor, temp humi sensor housing, temperature and humidity probe, temperature and humidity PCB module, temperature and humidity transmitter, dew point sensor, dew point sensor housing, wireless humidity data logger, wireless pressure data logger, wireless temperature and humidity data logger and so on.

drywall moisture tester-DSC_3821 digital temperature and humidity indicator-DSC_3808

Most of industrial sensor housing is waterproof and good anti-condensation performance, can be work in harsh environment without being affected. HENGKO HT-802W temperature and humidity transmitter has advantage of waterproof, weatherproof and good anti-condensation, can be equip with various temperature ans humidity probe housing.

Temperature and humidity transmitter long rod probe -DSC 6732

humidity and temperature gauge digital-DSC_8365

The common temperature and humidity device only use to measure temperature and humidity, but industrial temperature and humidity sensors can install many transmitters and probes that are integrated with various environmental monitoring systems a temperature and humidity detection system to achieve remote control. We have a professional technology team that can custom temperature and humidity measuring solutions for all industries.

Post time: Apr-20-2021