How to extend the service life of sintered filter products?

The replacement cycle of the powder sintered filter element is relatively fast in the process of use, which virtually increases the production cost of the enterprise. Let’s look at several reasons as below.


 1.The first is quality problem. Although the pore size of the powder sintered filter element is roughly same, it also plays the role of interception and filtration. Many products will soon lose such effect in use. The reason is that the sintered filter element is corroded, which is irreversible, so the products need to be replaced.


 2.Then, water will also affect the replacement cycle of our products, because the impurities in the water will plug up the micropores and lead to the performance degradation of the products.


 3.Finally, the effect of pretreatment is poor, which usually happens. If the scale inhibitor and flocculant added in the pretreatment process are not compatible with each other or even do not match with the water source, then substances blocking micropores will be formed and reduce the service life of our products.


How to solve these problems?

metal filter

 First of all, we should choose products with good quality and strong corrosion resistance, which can greatly improve the service life of our products. Quality is also mainly reflected in the material and workmanship, 316L stainless steel will be relatively stable;


Then, for the treatment of water impurities, we can choose products that are easy to clean. Usually, we use ultrasonic cleaning to clean the microporous impurities. Therefore, products that are easy to clean should be those with uniform pore distribution, so that the cleaning can be more thorough;

sintered porous stainless steel metal filter cartridge

Finally, we need to redistribute and adjust the functions of each pretreatment so as to achieve the most ideal operation turntable and strictly abide by the relevant operating procedures to guarantee a longer service cycle of our products


Post time: Jun-06-2020