Here is a good cotton for you,we support Xinjiang cotton?

China is the second cotton producer of cotton and the largest consumer of cotton. It is impossible to finish this huge produce just by hand-plucked. So we have taken scientific farming, mechanized picking and various high technology into production operations long before. Such as Seeds are planted by driverless tractors using autonomous agricultural machinery systems; UAV sprays pesticides into cotton fields; Various new types of intelligent agricultural machinery form an intelligent detection system to complete a series of procedures for cotton picking, cotton gathering, packing, ejection and packet loss, etc.


In 2020, the raw cotton consumption is 7.99 million tons and the imported cotton quantity is 215.86 million tons. The annual output value of the entire industry chain is about 6 trillion yuan. In Xingjiang, planting the cotton has helped many poor people get rid of poverty. Xinjiang long staple cotton quality is good, its fiber soft long, white luster, good elasticity, mainly thanks to Xinjiang’s sufficient sunshine, drought, less rain, heat. Not only good light and heat conditions, irrigation water is also very sufficient, the territory sparsely populated is more conducive to mechanized harvesting, is really a unique good condition. Cotton is a kind of heat-loving plant. The color and quality of cotton are largely affected by temperature and humidity. In damp conditions, microorganisms are easy to grow and reproduce. When the moisture regain rate is greater than 10% and the relative humidity of the air is higher than 70%, the cellulase and acid secreted by the microorganisms will cause the cotton fiber to become moldy and change color. If the temperature and humidity are too high, the microorganisms are very active, the color of cotton fiber is often destroyed to varying degrees, the optical refractive index of the fiber decreases, and the grade also decreases.It can be seen that temperature and humidity will have a very important impact on cotton, and temperature and humidity must be controlled within an appropriate range during the storage and transportation of cotton.


If you want to control the temperature and humidity within a reasonable range for a long time, you need to monitor the temperature and humidity data at all times, and you can adjust it in time once it exceeds the reasonable range.Using temperature and humidity transmitters, temperature and humidity detectors and other instruments and equipped with multiple temperature and humidity probes to measure data, establish a cotton temperature and humidity monitoring system, which is convenient for us to monitor from time to time. HENGKO product is designed for customers, can satisfy variety of demanding industrial process and environmental control measurement requirements. HENGKO temperature and humidity transmitter series can be equipped with a long rod temperature and humidity probe, which is convenient for detecting the temperature and humidity in the depth of the cotton pile in the warehouse. The probe housing is rugged and durable, good air permeability, gas and humidity flow and exchange speed is fast, more effectively ensure the high precision of the sensor and rapid recovery response, basically no lag phenomenon.

King shell temperature and humidity transmitter DSC 6732-1

In addition, We suggest using temperature and humidity data logger to record the changes in temperature and humidity at night, adjust the ventilation and dehumidification device of warehouse on time in the transportation and storage of cotton. HENGKO data logger with exquisite appearance, easy to carry and install. Its maximum capacity is 640000 data. It has USB transport interface to connect computer, using with the SmartLogger software can download the data chart and report.

USB temperature and humidity recorder -DSC_7862-1

Post time: Apr-15-2021