HENGKO micro bubble small gas carbonation – CO2 sparging aeration stone beer filter for Brewery & distillation Manufacturing

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    HENGKO micro bubble small gas carbonation – CO2 sparging aeration stone beer filter for Brewery & distillation Manufacturing

    Carbonation – CO2 spparging aeration stone used in the manufacturing of various beverages. The efficiency of HENGKO porous metal aerated stone is much higher than that of common aerated stone in the market. For example, increase the absorption rate of gas in liquid. The tiny pores generate tiny bubbles which greatly improve mass transfer rates while reducing gas usage. These spargers are used in a wide variety of beverage manufacturing processes, such as carbonation, oxygen stripping, and oxygenation.

    Food grade aeration stone with 2 micron apertures, gives you healthy fermentation/carbonization
    With 1/4” barb which is made of 316 stainless steel, better quality
    Boiling the stone in clean water for at least 5 minutes is the only reliable way to clean and sanitize it completely
    A must have gadget for homebrewers


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    【Wort Aeration / Oxygenation】Carbonation stones are a fantastic tool to aerate wort. Keeping yeast at optimum health is acheived when the oxygen-deprived wort is aerated following the knock down process. This helps the yeast not only reproduce efficiently, but also maintain a healthy cell wall that is more tolerant to higher alcohol contents. This allows for several generations of yeast, and more importantly, can reduce fermentation time substantially resulting in faster batch turnover.
    【The MRbrew carbonating stones ensure uniform carbonation of beer in storage tanks】 The uniform porosity of carbonating stones produces extremely fine dispersion of CO2 gas and uniform gas flow directly into the tank for optimal speed of solution. Introduction of minutely divided gas into the bottom of the tank causes an active circulation or rollover, which eliminates stratification of gas content and aids removal of dissolved air inadvertently introduced into the beer during processing.
    【The 0.5 micron stone is best】 – The bubbles are 1/64th of the volume and there is relatively 4x more surface area than the 2 micron stones, so the CO2 enters solution quicker. The stones are easily removed for flushing and cleaning.
    【CARBONATION STONE In-line】 0.5 Microns Carbonate your beer just like the pros with this Carbonating Stone. Affix to a long dip tube installed on the gas side of the Cornelius keg. Set your regulator to about 14 psi, and the gas will be forced through the millions of tiny pores in the stone, which dissolves the gas into the liquid. Your beer will be carbonated overnight.


    Highly recommended


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    Q1. Which pore size do you provide?

    For brewing, we recommend 2 and 0.5 micron, they are the best for carbonating system.


    Q2. Does it use less CO2 than carbonating the normal way?

    Not really less CO2 as it ends up being the same amount absorbed. It is just faster as you are not shaking to absorb, or waiting a long time. The smaller bubbles get absorbed faster.


    Q3. What kind of connectors are available?

    – We make various types like barb, MFL, flare, tri-clamp, wand, etc.


    Q4. How to clean & sanitize?

    – It needs to be boiled in water to sanitize & unclog the pores. If the pores in aeration stone get blocked from handling, give a 15 seconds dip in hydrochloric acid before rinsing with water.


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