Easy clean porous stainless steel sheet filter high temperature powder sintering micropore filters for liquid oil filtration system

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  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Port: Shenzhen
  • Payment Terms: TT, paypal, credit card, etc.
  • Material: stainless steel304/316L
  • Pore Size: 0.2um, 0.5um, 2um, 5um, 10um, 15um, 20um, 40um, 60um, 90um, 100um
  • Technique: Powder sintering/wire mesh
  • Application: petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, foodstuff and water treatment
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    Easy clean  porous stainless steel sheet filter high temperature powder sintering microporefilters for liquid oil filtration system


    Product Description

    HENGKO sintered stainless steel filter plate, also called sintered metal porous filters, adopt stainless steel  316, 316L powder as raw materials and then produced through sizing, molding and sintering processes. Because of stainless steel material, so the sintered metal powder filter elements are also known as sintered stainless steel powder filter element.

    HENGKO nano micron pore sized grade mini stainless steel sintered filter plate have excellent performances of smooth and flat internal and external tube wall, uniform pores and high strength. The dimensional tolerance of most models is controled within 0.05 mm.



    -High filtration efficiency.
    -High mechanical strength.
    -High permeability and porosity.
    -Anti-corrosion and anti-pressure.
    -Even distribution of pores catalysis recycling accurate filtering.
    -Can be used at high and low temperature.
    -Easy to clean and can be used for many times.
    -Long service life.



    -Dust, bacteria and oil fog removal of gas and steam.
    -Noise reduction, gas buffer.
    -The recycle of catalysts.
    -Decarburization filtration.
    -Viscous liquid filtration.
    -Strong polar solvent filtration.
    -Retention of particles from off-gas of fluidized beds.


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    DSC_5728 拷贝 DSC_5726 拷贝

    DSC_5745 拷贝

    filter plate  for pharmaceutical industry

    air permeability  filtration plate uniform air permeability  filtration plate


    Product Description

    1.large porosity,excellent breathability, fast flow rate for gas and liquid, and it is far superior to other peer products with the optimization of special process in HENGKO.

    2.Structural stable,Solid molecular tightly bound no migration,virtually inseparable, even under the harshest conditions.

    3.High temperature resistance and heat shock tolerance, stainless steel filters can even work normally at 600 degree;endure high temperatures ,special alloy steel filters can tolerate temperature at 900℃.   

    4.With special multi-dimensional honeycomb nest capillary structure,the filters possess an excellent function of separation and noise reduction;     

    5. More than 100 thousands of standard types and models available.

    6. Size and structure can be customized as required.

    7. Easy for back flushing cleaning restoring to original efficiency, multiple cleaning methods for choice, long service life.

    8. The plate filter type, maximum length 1200 mm× wide 1200 mm.

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    Q1. Why porous metal?

    Filtration systems using sintered metal media for gaseous, solid and liquid separation have proven to be an effective and efficient alternative to other separation methods  that can be  vulnerable to pressure peaks, high temperatures and/or corrosive environments.  Sintered metal is highly  efficient in removing particulates,  delivers a reliable performance, is easy  to clean and hasa long life  in comparison with leaf  filters, filter bags and plate and frame filters.


    Q2. What kind of structures can you make?

    We make various types like disc, tube, cup, cartridge, plate, etc.


    Q3. Do you provide customized services?

    Yes, of course.


    Q4. If samples available?

    –  Sure, no problem.


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